A commitment to connecting communities and sharing ideas has greatly informed my art-making as well as my career path. I began studying at UW-Milwaukee as a double major between Film and Cultural Anthropology, interested in the study and documentation of culture. I enjoyed both of these disciplines for their output of physical and intangible works of creative expression, specific often to geographical locations and their people's histories. These interests persisted as I moved to the Arts-Tech Program (Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology) at Peck School of Arts. I enjoyed creating works that hybridized these two studies such as interactive light sculptures using sensors and projection mapping. These works often required viewers to place themselves within the artworks/cultural commentaries, the function being obsolete without human interaction.

Interests in ecology, biology, symbiotic relationships, and perceived ideas of what makes something "natural" became themes in my work. These carry through today if not in my installation work then my photography and shared community media efforts. Community art collaborations where my contributions are part of a collective effort or projects constructed with an effort to share stories are important to me as the praxis of socially conscious art and a Fluxus position.





These in mind, educating and reaching audiences through experiential marketing and design has been an underlying purpose as of late. My professional work has been in event management and support, community engagement coordination, market research, and public relations. Personal artwork work has been featured in a number of local galleries and exhibitions such as Cocoon Room Gallery, Foxglove Art Gallery, Gallerie M in downtown Milwaukee, FemFest 2017 & 2018 Art Exhibitions (Groovy Dog Gallery), the Milwaukee Art Museum's MAM After Dark program, TEDxMilwaukee Salon at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Kenilworth Studios Arts+Tech Exhibitions.

Lately my work has been focused on more of an array of things imaginative, depictive, and supportive. Creatively those are food photography in a rich foodie city such as Milwaukee, subversive and/or fun images for album covers and evening celebrations, and designs and event coordination for brands and organizations that I enjoy working for such as film festivals. The following projects highlighted range from work endeavors, 3D fabrication experiments in UW-Milwaukee's Digital Craft Research Lab, exhibited work in the art gallery space, and art in the everyday world.

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