Femininity, Mother Earth in space, the dystopian nature of the current and future world amidst natural beauty, a budding age of change, and dreams are usual themes. Painting work is made with acrylics, Montana Gold spray, Sharpie marker and paint pens.



Here I am showcasing my painting at Riverwest FemFest Gallery Night. It has been a pleasure being involved with helping organize and participate in the festival as an artist. See more here:

This is a print I made to remember the potential devastation of the Penokee Hills by Gogebic Taconite Mining Company, which has since been retracted/stopped. It was and is the home of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians who grow their wild rice in the marshes. The marshes, known as the Kakagon Sloughs, are a fragile yet complicated and vital filter of the fresh water that goes into lake Superior.

Lake Superior is the largest fresh water body in the world. Polluting the Bad River and its' marshes would destroy the whole ecosystem and toxify Superior. The well-being of it and the other Great Lake's hydrology effects every plant and animal surrounding, as well as the interconnected hydrology of our whole mother earth.


The Great Lakes lakes are a sacred source of water; bringers and sustainers of life, while corporations aim to extract and privatize land and resources in the name of a delusional perception of progress. This is why it says "Extract for "Progress", Retract for Life". This piece is dedicated to Crow, a Native American who was jailed for protecting our waters. 


Foxglove Gallery was located at 820 E Locust St. Milwaukee, WI. The first Friday of every month AKA Gallery Night in the city opened our monthly themed show comprised of various local artists displaying fine art and crafts. Various forms and mediums of artwork covered our walls and pedestals while jewelry, photographs, collectibles, wearables, and post cards lined our glass cases for purchase.


My role as a House Artist for the duration of the 2 years we were together was in founding and sustaining the gallery. Two shows featured some of my artwork. We eventually resigned our space to changed hands as a boutique/gallery/venue as Coocoon Room then Free Space. Today it houses a music shop called Rock Haus.