My expertise for years has mainly been production design & PA work, that is: costuming, styling, set design, story-boarding, shooting B roll, and doing planning such as outreach, PR, social media, and marketing for film/video projects. However more creative agency is being taken as my projects develop into the future. 

For commercial work, the two top most videos showcase promotional media I have done. The first is a short compilation that advertises the important role microbes play in the world of agriculture and Strong Microbials as a company, the second as a product development education video. The fist was shot, edited, and compiled by myself with the help of a professional voice actor. The second was commissioned, planned, and organized by myself, while owner and CEO Slava Strogolov and Jake Neuman did directing. Both voice parts were written by CTO Dr. Vera Strogolova. Jake Neuman was the real art direction and cinematography for the second, with control of aerial shots, color correction and editing, and final compilation. 

Currently I write, host and direct the Milwaukee Beat show, and support Black Market Dance & Film Company, a collective comprised of interactive designers, dancers, and filmmakers in the Milwaukee area, now spreading nationally. We specialize in capturing dance and new movement. My contributions to these are not only in production design and assistance, but in shooting as well. In all things, collaboration is encouraged. Feel free to reach out with your ideas. 


Grid Gallery: For I AM HERE, Missy Casper and myself designed wall decor, paint, furniture, clothes, and interior all items. Additionally I helped direct and shoot. I AM HERE won best film for the Spring 2015 Student Film Festival at UWM, and was also featured in the Driftless Film Festival and the Shorts Corner program of the Cannes Film Festival in France. The dance film SnowMaiden below was shot by myself and director, Jake Neuman. 

Commercial Video

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