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My experience with box office work began in 2012 when I became a House Manager at the UW-Milwaukee Union Film Cinema where I did ticket counts, reconciliation, and sent in sales reports.


Since then I have sold tickets for various film festivals, and have a utilized a plethora of ticketing softwares / programs such as Tessitura, Agile (CRM, membership database), SRO (if-then logic & modifiable), EventBrite, Elevant, and SquadUp. 

Of the more robust database softwares (Agile & SRO), their rules based nature and use of typical computer logic makes the creation of new functions fairly straightforward. 

User-friendly programs such as Elevant and SquadUp are more object-oriented on the front end, being apps. Therefore customer/client support is more available.

Box and Venue Staff

Tribeca Festival (Assistant Venue Manager - Village East Cinema)


  • Create and updating operational and logistical plans to manage theater operations, including, signage, equipment, audience issues, etc. during the festival

  • Work with the main Venue Manager, Ticketing and Tech Dept + IATSE to finalize ticketing, theater box office, scanning and access control plans, train scanning and security staff, and coordinate rush with Theater staff

  • Red carpet management of talent and traffic, security coordination, and placement of ranger staff

Milwaukee Film Festival (Festival Box Office Manager):

  • Managerial box office duties i.e. cash handling, facilitating Will-Call ticket distribution, troubleshooting tech issues, correspond with theater managers for sold seats, "Standby" tickets.

  • Utilize ticketing software to look up films, sell tickets, 6-packs, issue refunds, register and encourage membership for regular ticket holders, provide a quality front line service to customers.

  • Register members and encourage membership for regular ticket holders by promoting films.

  • Delegate box office tasks such as crowd liaising and voucher collection to volunteer Theater Teams.      

True/False Film Festival (Health Screening Coordinator @Box Office):

  • Monitor and answer RFS Check In email

  • In-person customer service support at Health Check-In tent within Box Office

  • Oversee volunteers at the health check in tent

  • Manage systems for manual check & clearance

  • Developing documentation via online RFS Check In Admin Dashboard and offline with Excel Spreadsheet

  • Developing systems to make for a smooth and customer service oriented health check-in process for patrons

  • Work closely with Box Office Manager to address patron needs

Miami Film Festival (Box Staff + Rush Line Manager):

  • Rush Line Management i.e. correspond with Theater Managers and pop-up Box Office personnel for seat counts, loading in house, and selling rush tickets to walk-ups in the event of sold out films.

  • Support pop-up Box Office locations with app support at venues such as Silver Spot Cinema

  • Troubleshoot & assist box office staff, volunteers, and patrons with mobile app

  • Database utilization, ticket processing, purchasing, printing, refunds, and exchanges

Sundance Film Festival (Festival Box Office Coordinator - SLC):

  • Cash Reconciliation, coordinating cash designations, safe drop-offs, and money pickups for our Accounting Department. Worked basically as a floating Accounting specialist, who also taught our staff how to utilize all technology, operate the retail software (SRO), and break down each and every transaction process on behalf of the festival.

  • Update training manuals, scheduling, and assisting with conducting theater box office trainings i.e. coordinate and train on reporting via Theatre

  • Waitlist Sales Reconciliation form on behalf of Accounting, assist with theater load ins, credential verification, and cash handling

  • Inventory and distributing waitlist tickets, volunteer, and sun vouchers at various theaters as needed

  • Prepare theater box office materials (supplies, ballots, etc.) and conducts daily distribution to theaters and guided safe drops

Freeland Foundation Film Festival (Festival Venue Manager):

  • Ticket sales and coordination per Caestecker Library venue using Eventbrite mobile and paper tickets.

  • Communicate with overhead staff via walkie-talkie, creation and utilization of event protocol via event sheets, film ticketing, and head counts.

Union Cinema (House Manager)

  • Track and report event costs, sales, and logistics such as attendance count for University Sociocultural Programming 

  • Ticket sales using circus tickets as day-of sales, pre-sale tickets for popular in-house shows i.e. Escape from Tomorrow, etc. 

  • Ticketing sales reports (auditing staff and performing cash/card reconciliation)

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