My work using Max and PD reveals the emotional connections we have with natural phenomena, such as the hush of the ocean or vibrating sounds of amplitude that effects our perception of the physical world around us, and how the intangible extremities we acquire through technology might extend our vision, but cloud our consciousness as we stray farther and farther away from the physical realm from which we naturally exist. MIT researcher and theoretical physicist, Max Tegmark writes about this relationship as he theorizes that consciousness itself is physical. 


"Tegmark's ideas demonstrate that there might be a more dynamic relationship between consciousness and other states of matter—that our ability to perceive the world is both a means to an end and also an end (an “object”) in itself."


He theorizes akin to arguments of metaphysics, that consciousness may be a state of matter, which he dubs perceptronium. My little MAX projects are like tiny dreams of perceptronium, reminding us that our very self-realization is just as physical as the sound and light waves that fall on our heads, or the winds that blow through our oceans.