I have worked in multiple roles as (freelance or supplementary) Digital Content Coordinator, Media Manager, and/or Social Media Specialist in several capacities. Creating content and facilitating paid advertising through various media channels has been a major facet of my design and communications work through the years. 

Marketing Goals Example 

Marketing Plan

My first experience doing so was when working as the Affordable Housing Project Coordinator for HALO, Inc. and the Racine Revitalization Partnership through AmeriCorps VISTA during my term in 2016-2017. Here I promoted the partnerships efforts, and HALO's work in finding pre-existing space for transitional, low income, and mixed income housing units within the city of Racine. I took photos of the revitalization/building rehabilitation processes and promoted these as campaigns on HALO's Facebook, where I would then boost the posts in alignment with email newsletters. As a supplementary duty, I also promoted their CSA share hoop-house program by creating content and boosting posts of Facebook to get out the good word. 

My next experience was in working as an Summer Events & Education Coordinator for UMOS Latine Resource Center from 2017-2018. Not only did I teach their Making Proud Choices curriculum (see more in: Art + Education) but coordinated their large Youth Summit event at the local Boys & Girls Club. 

Creating Facebook posts, logos, boosted Facebook events, and print flyers promoting the event entailed design, broadcast, and dissemination. Below is an example of the brochure I created for the correlating Facebook event. We had a turn out of over100 students and successfully secured 3 special event speakers/performance artists. 

In working as a freelance Digital Media Coordinator for Chef-owner Andrew Miller and his restaurant group 3CP, I created content including food photography and write-ups, event coverage, and prepared posts and Facebook events for boosting. In doing this work, I also felt it essential to create a Marketing Plan that hashed out a timeline of events, expectations, goals, and of course media deliverables. 

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My most recent and up-to-date experience with paid social media advertising and mass email marketing is in promoting sales campaigns and products for Strong Microbials. Keeping track of KPI's for our mass email interactions have been an important facet to looking at trends with our sales and website traffic. 

Through these sales campaigns, I have aided in using 15k+ in our marketing budget specifically for these endeavors. Creating a new website and subsequently a simplification of the invoicing and fulfillment process, Strong Microbials has seen great improvement in website sales. Though their products are so innovative and of the utmost quality within their respective industry, the products practically sell themselves.