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Projects from the Digital Craft Research Lab within UW-Milwaukee's Kenilworth Studios made use of 3D CAD modeling softwares such as Rhinoceros 5; an open source CAD/CAM program. We utilized a number of tools ranging from industrial process machinery, to woodworking, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, CNC, and laser cutting.

Included in these experiments was a 3D printed chess set I created with interlocking pieces in the style of victorian-esque Egyptian canopic jars. Laser cut stickers like the white and blue kissing people shown were hand drawn, then converted to vectors for vinyl cutting.  


My laser cut work used hand-drawn art nouveau style patterns burned into wood tiles with varying tolerances. The bee and moth tiles shown here were burned into pine and varnished. Metal tiles and other earthen materials such as stone were also experimented with.

The CAD program used for both of these 3D crafts is Rhino5 once again. Rhino is great as an ever-improving free and open-source software. You can use it like a 3D shape builder  similar to Adobe Illustrator, and choose depths of burns that corre;ate to the laser cutter or actual volume of a 3D printed piece made with ABS or PLA nylon. 

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