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Event scheduling via google calendars, Excel documentation, and reporting marketing campaign results is par for the course in event & marketing coordination, as is general administrative assistance to the supervisor i.e. travel logistics, supply ordering, invoice management, and ensuring IT set-up. When it comes to providing a hybrid of customer service, technical support, and marketing initiatives, I'm your gal. 

Professional event management, event coordination, and event production are what I'd consider to be my main expertise, while the associated tasks involved are a byproduct of these. That is: Public Relations, marketing, media management, and forming and maintaining B2B relationships. My past work experience as an event organizer and professionally as a trade show coordinator have much overlap in their interfacing with shipping and receiving, vendor relations, event set up, venue management of staff, performers, exhibitors, talent, and patrons.

My experience with media management spans design as I also act as the main correspondence for conference program booklet coordinators, industry magazine advertising coordinators, editors, and local news outlets such as radio. 


Designing trade show collateral as an artist versed in graphic design is one of the many in-house services I can provide as a versatile event specialist. Those materials include:


  • trade show banners and table throws

  • program ad publications

  • brochures

  • posters

  • product inserts

  • labels

  • product photography

  • handouts

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