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Raw fabrication using metals, wood, and other materials were studied between the UWM metals labs and the digital craft research lab. All items pictured vary in size and purpose. Some works are mixed media projects such as an interactive light sculpture also known as Biolumin-Ascent on the bottom right. The base structure was mig-welded with steel bike forks while the smaller wired portions were soldered together with a smaller acetylene torch. Jewelry and other metal pieces are comprised of bronze, copper, and brass.

The ring pictured to the right was an exquisite corpse project created with other artists in an improvisational assembly line fashion. It is a flared copper ring with a bronze piece soldered and attached to the outside. I scored this piece's pattern using a roller mill and lace and created the cut outs with a hand saw. It was then silver soldered together using an acetylene torch.


"If you want to make it human, make it whole.”  ― Greg Egan

Artist, mechanic, and blacksmith, Dalton Schiebel helps weld sculpture base.

Items such as the one pictured are mixed media paintings featuring metal arrows, a perfectly cylindrical copper ball made entirely from hammering a single flat sheet of copper, and an intricate piece of adornment created as an homage to the toil of workers everywhere. Created as a buckle piece originally, it has two loops where a strap could/can pull through. The two tubes work as holsters for storing writing utensils, while it aesthetically looks like a clock with a circle A in the center and gears encasing it. These were created for a large art raffle benefit show for Milwaukee's Bicycle Collective better known as Vulture Space.

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