I've been inspired to see how the availability of good quality food, grassroots urban initiatives, shared resources and a sense of solidarity in my own community has positively affected residents and broken down or helped processed cultural and economic barriers. Moving forward I hope to help improve infrastructure and socioeconomic conditions for bicycles, urban farming, the arts, public education, public health, and to continue creating. 


As an artist who mixes technology with their studio practice, my interest is in the social ramifications of craft + technologies and their potential to unite people and create new ideas, especially in understanding the ethnography behind technologies, why different groups of people have created them, and if harmful constructs have resulted, how to dismantle or reconfigure them through creative direct action, story-telling, and humor. 

Empirical: "Many ecofeminists have focused on uncovering empirical evidence linking women (and children, people of color, the underclass) with environmental destruction. Some point to various health and risk factors borne disproportionately by women children, racial minorities and the poor caused by the presence of low-level radiation, pesticides, toxics, and other pollutants.

Appeal to such empirical data is intended both to document the very real, felt, lived "experiential" connections between the dominations of women and nature and to motivate the need for joining together feminist critical analysis and environmental concerns."