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Farm Happy Jackson

Shown here is branding work I did for Farm Happy Jackson in Jackson, Wisconsin. Farm Happy is a small scale market garden serving local farmers markets and farm-to-table inspired restaurants throughout Milwaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties. All products are grown using organic practices.


Pictured are some copies of those for process. Their wonderful dog Beau is a mascot of sorts, tail-wagging and ready for all the outdoor adventures farming brings.

A trial in font/typography and extraneous copy went into the choices for their updated logo design.  

You can see more of them at their website:

Strong Microbials, Inc.

Strong Microbials was a main client and employer all at once. As a company pioneering the microbe industry with some very important science, I enjoy creating copy and branding for their wonderfully smart product lines. 

The first was an overhaul of their previous DFM product line. Through a series of meetings, the CEO, CTO, and their National Sales Manager decided that a more comprehensive product line for mammalian DFMS (direct fed microbials AKA probiotics) made more sense than specific and separate lines. Thus, Record Maker was born. Record Maker involved not only new design but a new and improved bacterial blend. Of course Rumin and Equine animals varied in ingredients given their gut structures, and improved dosing according to animal size/age aided to the streamlined nature of their product selection. 

Gradient color schemes reminiscent of each animal given its use and nature came into play, as well as font, layout, and feel of this line. I also designed and developed their wntire website with an overhaul, though it has been modified since 2019.

Congrats to Strong Microbials, Inc. for always innovating, changing, improving, and growing bigger and better each day. I forsee them spearheading even larger health issues as the world changes. Many thanks to them for this opportunity. 

Raw Honey MKE

Branding from top to bottom was the MO for Raw Honey MKE. This merits an entire run down of website development, writing, content, product photography, photo documentation, and research I did as well. Until I add my website design work, I'll just brief you on the branding. 

The Raw Honey MKE honeybee is an original hand-drawn design. It was done on sketch paper with pencil and digitized. I don't often do digital drawing, as pencil and paper is more instinctual. There's something to be said about analogue process ::insert more art school cliches::

Jokes aside Raw Honey MKE is a wonderful endeavor, and supplies the best honey you'll taste. Fresh, raw, unfiltered, and chock full of propolis for an allergy remedy + much more. Google "propolis" if you don't know what this is. Furthermore, they use natural pest controls and nutrition on their bees so unlike Kalla's Honey and other local brands, there's guarantee of NO chemical residues or antibiotics in the honey. 

UMOS Latina Resource Center

The following is logo design I did for UMOS (United Migrant Opportunity Service) Latina Resource Center's annual Youth Summit. There I implemented and facilitated an evidence-based curriculum promoting safe pregnancy prevention and promoted reproductive health, funded by United Way through the US Public Health Department. I also coordinated our large youth summit event and created a correlating Facebook page and subsequent content promoting our workshops and events. Writing copy for brochures and handouts was part of this process too. 

Logos were created in Adobe Photoshop, saved as JPEG and bitmap images, and then sent to our printing company to be printed onto custom promotional swag we purchased for youth such as T-shirts, athletic bags, and water bottles.

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