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Fuzz Ship was created using an analog ARP dual-oscillator synthesizer and routed through a MOTU into the computer and then with Digital Performer, this piece is an amalgamation of analog and digital synthesis.

This beautiful machine is rare; there are only about 10 in the United States and 110 in the entire world. We as students at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee have the special opportunity to work with one right in the Music Building digital and analog synthesis studio. The intent of this project was to get a comprehensive hold on analog control voltage patching and processes that required an understanding of analog signal control and manipulation.

After experimenting and practicing various control voltage processes we discovered their inherent outcomes and came to know how the machine worked better. This compositional approach required basic knowledge of recording and storage of data, in addition to trouble-shooting with the patch bay, the trunk lines, mixer, and computer for digital recording process.

This particular piece is reminiscent of a space encounter, perhaps beholding a spacecraft and then hearing aliens speak to one another in clicks and rattles. Blips, cracks, and glitchy sounds enter in through the left and leave through the right, soaring up or radiating in undulating waves. 

Experimental Sound Piece
UWM Electroacoustic Salon
May 2013

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