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This particular sculpture is called 'Biolumen-ascents' as its' steep ten inch ascension upwards reveals a painted doll's head. The photo-sensitive sensors inside (photocells/photoresistors) are connected to an Arduino Uno, capacitors, and corresponding neo-pixel LEDS that are soldered together in a long string. When spectators approach, the goddess-head with a lantern-like body mimicking a squid lights up as various colors values encoded in the Arduino Uno chip react to your presence.


Similar to a jellyfish' behavior in a fluther of its own kind, it only changes it's light pattern when viewers come near, as if she sees you. The base is made up of mig-welded and hand-painted bicycle forks, while the body is made with dense aluminum wire framing and semi-transparent plastic sheeting covered with a textile piece. The head is a hand painted dolls-head mounted on a pyramidal wire frame and the tentacles are comprised from left over plastic scraps and armature wire. 

Interactive Light Sculpture
UWM Arts-Tech Night Exhibition
December 2014

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