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A large wooden pallet fastened with canvases is the surface on which Reflection Forest is projected. Old, dried branches, and sticks are wound onto the sculpture, representative of deforestation as a result of the interaction between human's perceived 'progress' and the continuous destruction of rainforests that greatly aid in sustaining life on earth.

The sculpture as a whole provides windows into the relations between human viewer and helpless forest. When we are physically in the forest and out in non-cultivated spaces, we perceive ourselves to be dominant and entitled to nature, as we possess the ability to consciously reason and exercise our opposable thumbs. We forget that just because we are able to move about and make use of the earth's resources, that there is another reason a symbiosis between all living things sustains existence... nature is not merely for our explicit consumption (much like how many view art) but for and from the outcomes of co-existence. By looking through these constructed windows, like a focus on a camera's lense, we can better understand our relationship with the rainforests that have long helped sustain ours' and the earth's life, and hopefully change our understanding of the man vs. nature paradigm into man as, and of nature.


Projection Mapping Installation 
UWM Arts+Tech Night Exhibition
May 2015

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