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Sleep Slip was created with various patches composed from samples of my recorded voice and MIDI data. One of the patches is made from layering 4 versions of my singing voice and combining them in Digital Performer then applying an effect and saving the unique Patch, creating a from-scratch digital synth. Absynth was used as a synthesizer for MIDI data created within Digital Performer.

I recorded my voice in both opera and jazz styles, then put the excerpts in the piece in conjunction with MIDI data I created. I also layered a few types of voices and combined them to create a patch in Absynth that sounded like gobbldie-gook when playing the MIDI keys. Just as the conversations in dreams, the words seem decipherable yet are too cryptic and silly to ever try to understand again.

For this piece, Absynth was used as a tool to create an eerie space; the one that you find yourself suspended in between sleep and reality. Thoughts and dreams drift by your mind’s eyes like ghosts passing by you in an echoey realm void of control. You sing to yourself to wake up. You can hear your alarm, you know you should open your eyes, but instead you drift back into slumber to join the intangible wraiths that told you dreams were real. Is the sleep induced? Can it be induced by the same technology that tries to replicate it?

Experimental Sound Piece
UWM Electroacoustic Salon 

May 2014

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