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George Lucas ruined Star Wars. There I said it.

An obsession with grandiose scenes using CGI and the editing of a true non-editor, every George Lucas directed and produced Star Wars has been straight hot burning garbage. This comes as an overly obvious realization in my adulthood. One must obviously watch all the Star Wars movies in order of events before the final film, the ending of all endings. In doing so, it was so painful getting through the muck of aliens and useless set pieces and follow the actual story. Our Grandma used to bring us to the remastered Star Wars trilogy and the rereleased (changed) films in the 90s. I remember seeing the original trilogy + Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones in theaters. I can't really erase my being raised to enjoy the franchise of films. But now that I'm older and re-watching all of them through adult eyes, I admittedly find a lot of it rather corny, for-kids, and distasteful. The goofy George Lucas aliens create a loss of credibility for me, trivializing what should be a grave story about using the force of good, the search for truth, and anti-Imperialism. This is why I still think the graphic novels and narrative in general has value, but I think I'm falling out of love with the 90s-2000s films. This is not an invitation to argue with anyone. We can still watch things and process without having to agree on everything.

Ex.) By now I'm pretty sure everyone agrees, but the Gungans are so cringy. Especially the character Jar Jar Binks what with the bumbling black slave persona. I wonder how no one stepped in during production to say, "We should rethink this character. It's racist and as low hanging fruit, is clearly only acceptable or funny to white audiences."

The lack of creativity in all the creatures and their inferred stereotypical racial/ethnic background is so so bad in general. From an article, "One Internet user wrote that Jar Jar Binks had a "pseudo-Jamaican accent and ear flaps that looked like dreads," referring to the Rastafarian "dreadlock" hairdo. Another said the harmless Gungan was "a bumbling Rastafarian who provides 'comic' relief" and whose " very ineptitude recalls clownish buckwheat characters (Pickaninny Caricature) from years past."

The film's Trade Federation villains have Japanese accents and go along with the Axis powers wishes with stereotypes that harken to WWII Japan (after WWII, Japan actually established high tariffs IRL). Also an obvious bummer, the character Watto who is a slaveholder and parts merchant, is portrayed as a greedy jew.

Furthermore, Lucas's impatience while editing is clear, with strange and incomplete feeling cuts throughout. In some behind the scenes, it is shown that his edits to the prequels are unmeditated and neurotic... and not in a good way: Let the editor and actors do their jobs.

All that in mind at least the last 3-4 most recent films are well done in comparison. The Force Awakens by JJ Abrahams was **decent** and the lack of tacky CGI substituted with good old fashioned cinematography was appreciated in my favorite, Rogue One. Lucas aside, I was also disappointed in the lack of character development, corny assassin Max-Payne-good-cop trope, and abandonment of actual Star Wars canon in Disney's Mandalorian series as well. I love Yoda's story. Why not honor him, instead of the hyper masculine archetype as the protagonist? I have my ideas.. Never once did I suspect Disney wouldn't bastardize a tale of anarchists working the force in the shadows or out in the open, to overthrow a corrupt republic. I'm waiting to see The Rise of Skywalker until I can't possibly wait anymore, though I heard the editing was likewise no good, as if they simply had to narrow down footage and get in finished in the knick of time. At least the most recent 4 films actually serve as all ages films instead of children's movies, much like the original Trilogy. Anyway that's my take hot and fiery take for now. I felt it important to share since some may assume I'm tone deaf if I watch Star Wars, though I assure you am regretfully not (that's if ignorance really is bliss).

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